Saturday, July 24, 2010


First day in my brand new blog! :)

Its almost 03:00 in the morning and once again im not sleeping! I don't know what's going on with me!! For the last 2 weeks my biggest problem is that i can't sleep before 06:00 and never wake up before 13:00!! I feel like a vampire!! Rofl :p Never i had a problem today about writting that kind of post...i couldn't decide the headline for this one! At first i really thought the name "PILOT" would be great because this is my first day here, and having been influenced by the American TV series, where the first episodes are called pilots, i wanted to give to my post the same name! And then i really thought of the "SLEEPLESS" one which describes me the most! Whatever - 03:15 now in the morning and the only thing comes across my mind are the titles for the next posts. I really have to confess that having a blog is a REAL ADDICTION!!! To go further "my problem" is not the only reason i made my decision to name this kind of article "SLEEPLESS" refers to all of us. Everyone is staying sleepless for some reason. Some may have something to discuss with their friends, some others may be hungry/sick/or just speaking on phone with someone else...but there is always a reason right? And that is my point - we cry, we laugh, we are excited, even more we are staying sleepless - but always for some reason! Our parents always say that being sleepless is not good for our health...and it is true!! They also say that sleep makes us feel stronger and makes our mind go "sharper". Thats true [√] too. Then they say that if you don't sleep then you will be tired, and this will have as a result to lose our day! Most of them - and not everyone - say that being sleepless all day and night is worthless and stupid at sometimes! What i have to say is that they might are right because nobody can't deny that they have a point. And life is short...and priceless! And the theme here is that..being sleepless is it so bad as being asleep in some of the most incredible moments of your life..? ;)

Just to take a look on how i look ;p

Sleepless - Until June!

04:35 - That's all i had to say tonight! Goodnight - or should i say Goodmorning?


  1. woww! ρε οντως πορωθηκες! Ο.ο εχεις γραψει γαματα πραγματα! :) like, like, like!! (Y)

  2. OOO!!! Thnx a lot valasia mou :D Xairomai pl p s arese!! Kai naii...einai megalh porwsh to blog xD!! Tha valw kai alla pl sudoma :p Eksallu esu ksereis kai tous titlous tous perissoterous ;p


  3. επισης με σκοτώνει που στις ωρες βαζεις απο 3:00 μεχρι 4:35 κ απο κατω λεει "Posted by someone in your mind at 02:47" -.-

  4. naiiii kai egw to eida auto :|
    Alla stalitheia to ekana post stis 04:35 :S
    Sto orkizomai xD
    Dn kserw prepei na exw kanei lathos tis ruthmiseis me tis wres :p

  5. prwta ap'ola an thumasai mexri tis 2misi milagame gia tis ruthmiseis kai prolava na to kanw auto post se 15 lepta mesa? Dn ginetai kai na thes :p

  6. t 3erw ree! alla einai asteio -.- ftiakse tis rithmiseis h mhn bazeis wres :P

  7. naiii prospathisa na tis ftiaksw alla tpt :s
    Dn kserw gt dn m ginetai :p