Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hello everyone! :)

After that harsh week for me - i was sick in the middle of the summer, that's why!! :| -i am finally back to my precious pc writting my new post :) That's something i can say i really love. However, this was not my best week ever, not only because of the fever, but i also had the mishaps of the week. And they were so many - i can't even write them right now here....! [By the way it is the first time since my first post that i don't have any title yet for this one...haha i know strange!] Back again to our theme, i am not going to get focused on MY own problems and mishaps but mostly for everyone! Because we all have problems...unfortunatelly! For so many and different reasons...some problems are serious and some other aren't! But the thing is that those problems always have an affect on us. They makes us feel depressed, upset, sad, feel grief , and sometimes feel like we are on our own! But the most important thing is that we never have to feel weak. We have to defence ourselves by solve them, avoiding them, and get them over. I'm of the opinion that this is the most difficult part in here...we don't know whether we have a success on them and beat them all. The true success is when you have never been "injured" inside yourself! I see people solving problems every day but they get tired of doing it...they are just tired of having problems and trying to figure out how to fix them. It is true, that's something really hard to do! Others reach the edge and do crazy things to calm down! Things i don't want to discuss right now :) But the sure is they try to harm themselves in order to feel better after that and their internal pain to become sensual ! To overcome the problems you have, being strong don't have the same meaning on its practical way but this is all about inner strength! How strong and spared will you be when all these come to an end... There is always a night full of darkness waiting for its morning to come and bring the light - THE MORNING AFTER DARK , where you feel accomplished and proud of yourself, full of happiness and ready for anything else to come! We just have to find our torch, avoiding all the other objects, to reach our morning after dark... ;)

Morning After Dark - Timbaland ft Soshy and Nelly Furtado!
[Something from the morning i was describing before :p]

* "Yes im the one and only but not the only one ;)"
Good Morning After Dark Dudes...


  1. ωω ναιι! τωρα εχεις κ εναν κανονικο follower! ;) επισης χαιρομαι που δεν ξεκινησες γνωριζοντας τον τιτλο. (: καιι.. μαρεσει! :)

    υγ. ειχες πει οτι καποια στιγμη θα πηγαινες lindian? :P

  2. hahaha prwton eimai kai egw polu xaroumenos pou exw kanoniko follower :D
    Deuteron se euxaristw gia ta kala sou logia kai odws akolouthisa thn sumvoulh sou kai ergafa oti eniwtha :)
    Triton naiii eixa pei oti tha paw kai phga xaraki auth thn evdomada...alla tha paw thn kuriakh auth lindian ksana na dw thn lia kai thn melina [kserw pws tous eides mou to eipan] kai meta ksana 15augousto p tha meinw savvatokuriako ekei :D
    Opote makari na ertheis na se dw ;)