Tuesday, September 7, 2010


September is officially here and im really really happy for this - September is my favorite month that's why! I love the colors of the trees, the beginning of school, and generally the feeling of waiting for the new school year to start - although for me is the last one - along with it, its experiences!
About this post - Well this post is not actually an ordinary post - because im not going to write something that affects other people :p I am actually doing this post to express my dream:
NY is deffinitelly the best place i've ever met in my life :) I love everything there! The shops, the museums, the streets , the buildings, the lights - EVERYTHING!! It's the city i've always wanted to meet and live there!
And you might think im a bit crazy - hahaha my friends may don't find it that weird - but i've already made a list of things i want to do in NY:

- Have a life like the one Samamtha had [i love her!!], and actually live like being on Sex And The City with my favorite friends! Which is actually my favorite tv show and the first reason i started to fall in love with NY!
- Go to So You Think You Can Dance and dance with: Kayla/Jeanine/Lauren/Twitch/Dominic/Alison - and then win :p
- Play to a movie like Step Up 3 one of my favorites movies! [i love that movie - and actually this post was about to write for Inception and Step Up 3D movies recap in cinema but unfortunately my love for NY won - hehe sorry Georgia!]
- If i DONT play to a movie like Step Up i'd like to live like Moose did on the same movie and be Rick Malambri's best friend! :)
- Meet Ugly Betty and convince her to make another season of the same series because i didn't really like the ending :s
- Meet Josh Duhamel and tell him how much i liked "Las Vegas"!!
- Meet all the LOST stars - yeah im talking about the tv-series phenomenon - and give a kiss to Evangelline Lilly (Kate)
- Find Jessica Alba [for me the most beautifull girl in the world!! Oo god so in love with her] and ask her to marry me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [fingers crossed to say yes :D]
- Find an apartment in Manhattan [ok for me this might be the most difficult to access :p]
- Study Architecture there and work as an architect in New York.
- Spend my Christmas in New York along with my best friends :D
- Find Patricia Fields and go for shopping!! Rofl!!
- Go to a fashion show and meet Andriana Lima - Gisele Bundchen - Heidi Clum!! [then is the time for me to rest off :p]
- Play as guest star on Gossip Girl!!
- Play as guest star on Glee!!
- Play as guest star on Greys Anatomy! :)
- Win an OSCAR!
- Dance with Beyonce and Lady Gaga on MTV awards! LMFAO!
- Meet Nicole Scherzinger from pussycat dolls in the caffeteria infront of my apartment and tell her not to sing anymore, just dance!!!! [I know that was mean]
- Find where Cristopher Nolan is and ask him if Cobb [L. Di Caprio] from the movie Inception was in a dream or in reallity at the end of the film!
- And something more - this is a bit goofy but - i always wanted to eat Chinese Food in NY!!
As you can see there are SO MANY REASONS NEW YORK NEED ME!!!
Thank you very much for your precious time reading this "kind" of post! :p

Empire State of Mind - Jay Z ft Alicia Keys [I LOVE IT!!]

City Of Blinding Lights - U2

See you in the city of blinding lights! :)



  1. Ena exw na pwww fantastiko uperoxo aperigrapto teleio k FYSIKA polu realistikoo ;) good job genius :)

    mariaaa x) [semi-genius]

  2. hahahaha thnx a love sweety for everything you said :D
    Your genius ;)<3

  3. PS: Ksexasa na tonisw pws eidika to "pl realistiko" me adiproswpeuei apoluta se auto to post!! Haha!! :p

  4. nai, nai! k gamwto! kai tha s elega "makari ta oneira sou na ginoun pragmatikothta" gia na eimai kalh k glukia alla 9a htan polu asteio, lupamai :P auto to post pragmatika sfizei apo realistikothtaa :D to mono pou eleipe htn to "..kai na er9ei o ah basilhs kai na mou ferei ton spiderman na mou kanei pareaa! *yayyyyz*" kai e3aitias olwn autwwwn... MOU ARESE PAAAARA POLUUUU! :D:D

  5. mh rwthseis, nai, auto htan to pio akuro comment p exei upar3ei.

  6. hahahahahahahahahhaahhaha!!! Ok!! An kai nmzw htan akrivws to comment p tairiaze se auto to post :p
    haha!! Thnx padws vls mou! Kai thn epomenh fora p tha kanw kati tetoio pistepse me dn tha ksexasw na grapsw kai gia ton kahmeno ton santa p ton afhsa paraponemeno :P

  7. mhn paraleipseis, tha arxizei na klaiei.. gti einai k euais9htoulhs o kahmenooos :(

  8. Δεν ξέρω για όλα τα (τόσο καθημερινά και απλά:P) υπόλοιπα πράγματα,πάντως το Oscar θα το πάρεις!
    θα είναι oscar για τον άνθρωπο με τα πιο πολλά,τρελά,υπέροχα όνειρα!Συγχαρητήρια!:):)
    Πάντως να σου πω ότι πολλά από αυτά και εγώ θα ήθελα να τα καταφέρω!Απλά δεν τολμώ να τα πω "στόχους" μου!Ειδικά αυτό με την αρχιτεκτονική!ΑΧ!

  9. hahahaha!!! Naiii odws sta oneira eimai polu kalos opws eides kai apo to post!! :p Gia thn akriveia eixa na grapsw kai alla polla alla lew "asto kalutera giati meta mporei na se perasoun gia klinikh periptwsh!!":p Telws pantwn se euxaristw para polu pou sou aresan ta oneira mou!! :)
    See ya ;)

  10. xaxa mou aresi to Dance with Beyonce and Lady Gaga on MTV awards :D
    btw kai egw tha ithela na eimai ta xristougenna stin NY :)

    Oreo Blog
    Filakia apo germania


  11. thanks Dy's beauty!! :D
    Naiii to fadazomai...xristougenna in NY tha einai uperoxa!!!!


    Τι να σου πω τωρα, παιδακι μου? Να τα πετυχεις ολα? Οπως ειπε η Βαλασια, να ερθει ο Αι-Βασιλης με τον Spiderman για παρεα, και μετα η Λιλο και ο Στιτς να περασουν να πουν ενα γεια και να σε μαθουν και σερφ. Αλλα ενταξει, για να μην πνιγω μες την κακια μου... νταξ, το LOST τελειωσε, αλλα ειθε να σπουδασεις αρχιτεκτονικη και να σε παρει ο Chris Nolan για σκηνογραφο. ΟΧΙ, εχω καλυτερο! Να σπουδασω και γω καλες τεχνες και να γινουμε ΜΑΖΙ καλλιτεχνικοι διευθυντες. Ω ΝΑΙ. θα κανουμε θαυματα.

    Btw, δες το "(500) days of Summer", ο κεντρικος ηρωας ειναι αρχιτεκτονας. <3

    αυτα λοιπον. παντως ψηνομαι για κινεζικο. και μ αρεσει το ποστ. αν και θα θελε λιγο πιο πολλες φωτογραφιες, νομιζω. ξερεις...τη σαμανθα και ολους οσους αναφερεις εκει. αλλα μ αρεσει το πορτοκαλι χρωμα. και αυτο πειδη οπου και να κανω κομμεντ, εδω η στο facebook, θα γραφω παντα ακυροτητες. <3

    Pws kai etsi xD?
    Prwta ap'ola..na se enhmerwsw pws PADA hthtela na mathw surf kai na h eukairiame ton lilo kai stitch!! An kai to skeftika kai auto alla eipa na to kanw se allo post p tha grafw gia to LA kai exei brosta kai megales thalasses kai to long beach! :)
    Deuteron naiii na spoudaseis kai esu kai na ginume kallitexnikoi dieuthintes!! Dn einai asxhmo padws etsi opws to akous xD
    Triton....tha dw thn tainia! Kai oso gia to kineziko prepei na apofasisoume tra apo poio estiatorio :p
    To portokali kai emena me trelainei kai gnka maresoun polu ta xrwmata autou tou post kai nai...hthela na valw merikes mikres pics gia to kathe ena p elega apla htan sxedon 1 to vradu kai eixa mathima to prwi kai dn prolavaina na to analusw pl to post m!! An einai tha prosthesw duo treis eikonoules gia na omorfunei kiallo to topio :p

    PS: auto me tis akurothtes odws to exeis!! alla dn prazei...OPOTE M KANEIS comment einai kalo....kai t tonizw OPOTEE!!!! :P

  14. Hi there!
    I taged you to answer my questions if it's ok with you!