Tuesday, August 31, 2010


31 of Augoust - 2010!!
Summer is nearly gone...and i'm really sad about that! Im going to miss all those moments i had with my best friends...all those experiences i had with them and the happiness the were bringing to me :) And the problem is that this will be my last summer waiting for the new school season to start...! I still can't forget how great time i had those years! So lets take a look on my favorite summers:

SUMMER 2005:

It was the first summer that "ABGD" was created [ABGD = the
company that my friends and i created in 2005 and it was named by our initials of our names! Andreas, Balassia, Georgia, Dora]
This summer was pretty amazing because it was the first time we decided to do something all together! It was a theatrical play that we were about to make named "XRONOMHXANH"!! The screenplay was written by georgia and along with some of our common friends we started to run it! I was in the lead actor [and only 13 years old - actually i was the oldest one there] and dora was the co-star [12 years old]! Valassia was ONLY 10 years old - i know OMG! - and georgia was 12 too! [i have to confess that for a girl only 12 years old georgia made THE BEST SCREENPLAY a child could ever do - 23 pages and nearly 1 hour play!]. Then, because they were so many roles we needed more actors! And we started thinking of some of our friends they could help us...and we found them! We were aproximately 11 children and very good friends :) We were rehearsing everyday in Valassia's hotel [and we wouldn do anything if valassia was not there for us and her hotel] and then we finally we performed the play in front of our parents and their best friends [they were nearly 40 - 45 persons in the audience]! And everyone said that we were amazing - i had the best congratulations as an actor along with ioanna - georgias little sister - who was really amazing for a 6 year old girl! We were really proud of ourselves!! :) By the end of the summer georgia was thinking of our next theatrical screenplay idea and we figured out a funny scene we should to in case we did a play again!

SUMMER 2006:

In that summer we didn't do a theatrical play, because we decided to get rest :) We were having a great summer too - and our and our biggest crash in the whole company was "nitendogs"! Wow i still remember the hours we were all passing in our nitendogs :p And for the reason we didn't do anything that summer in the end we decided to do a bazaar where we had created our staff, which we sold to our parents! Really nice summer too!

SUMMER 2007:

In this summer we all wanted to make a theatrical play again from the beggining so georgia started thinking our idea for the play we were planning to do in summer 2006 - so she picked up the scene we had already from summer 2005 and she started to make a screenplay. This theatrical play was named "ENA TRELO TRELO VASILEIO"! We had all grown up since our first summer as a team and actually as an ABCD and we started having rehearsals! This screenplay was way biggest than our first one - it had 3 acts - and 32 scenes and its lenght was nearly 2 hours!! Of course it was more difficult than the first one..our roles were bigger, we were the same 11 friends as in "XRONOMIXANH", and this time we decided to present the play in front of 130 people! [our parents, and everyone we wanted to invite this time like friends or uncles etc]! We moved from our small hall we were practising two years ago and we went to a bigger one! WAY BIGGER!! Then we finally performed - although this time we had some difficulties like Alex - valassia's little brother [only 8 years old then] - forgot his words in the performance!! However, everone loved this play too and the new audience we brought said to all of us congratulations for another one time!! And i was only 14 years old, Georgia and Dora 13 and Valassia 12! The protagonists one more time was me with Dora and Valassia! And we all had congratulations! [i will upload i the future the screenplay just to see how BRILLIANT work Georgia does] This summer ended up nicely and it was one of my favorites :)

*In this summer me, Dora and Joanna started dancing after so you think you can dance aired in greece!! :p We were really good in our dance performance that night!

SUMMER 2008:

Influenced by our last three summers, we decided to do once again a theatrical play!! This time was for another reason too...one of our friends we all knew on our company died [and im really sad about that] and we decided to perform for her and all the earnings from our play would sent to the "XAMOGELO TOU PAIDIOU" an organization that protects orphans in our country! But this time was more difficult than the others...it was June and we didn't have a scenario yet!! So this time WE ALL TRYED to write a script - not as big as our last one - and more easily for our youngest in the company to got read! So we stared writting the script, and in the end we had it ready before July named "HAPPY END"!! We started rehearsing but we were all saying that this scenario was not as good as the ones in the past! And then by the ending of July Georgia and Valassia said that they didn't want to participate this time..i was really sad like Dora did because i never like to quit from something before it is done and this time we were not doing it for our fun but for our friend!! And i was thinking of all the attempts we did to create the screenplay too! And then before 15th of August [that means less than a week before of our performance date - we were always performed between 20 and 28 of August] valassia and georgia changed their minds and they told as that they wanted to help us and play again! So the parents this time were not sure if we were ready for this one because of all the problems we had so they decided to "check us" before we perform like a generalle! And this time we ALL KNEW our words and the scenario and we were really good :) I was so happy then ;) So they told us that we are ready for the play and then we did it! This time we were all really good actors [we were all grown up that's why and the scenario was way easier than the last one]! I was 15 years old, Dora and Georgia 14 and Valassia 12!! Alex [valassias sister - was 9], Joanna [georgia's sister was 8 to 9], Maria Christina - another friend we had in all of our plays were 12 too - and the rest ones: Artemis [12] Theoni [Artemis little sister was 10], Daphne [Maria - Christina's sister was 10] and the rest one in the same age!! Moreover this time to strengthen our reason for this theatrical play, we made a bazaar once again - that all of our 120 guests would see after the play - and they did :) Every piece we made was amazing and the got sold all!! We earned 580 Euros and we sent them to "Xamogelo tou paidiou"!! We were really proud we had accomplished something big ONCE AGAIN!! :D Summer 2008 was ending and a new year was starting for as i was going from junior high school, to High School...!

SUMMER 2009:

Well, this summer didn't have neither a theatrical play, neither a bazaar!! We all decided to get rest from all of our past summers and enjoy our vacations!! We had a great time all together especially me and Dora!! :D I went to karpathos to visit my best friend Mary [who had participated in "XRONOMIXANI" in 2005 only 11 years old then] and then i went to stay in Lindian Village Hotel with some of my friends from athens [lindian village is Maria - Chrstina's hotel], and finally i ended up in Subbota with my dad and in Santorini for second time after summer 2007! It was a really good summer - with Starbucks opening the highlight of the summer along with me and Dora's Dance School Performance!! Such a good summer...for so many reasons ;)

SUMMER 2010:

And this is my last summer waiting for school!! Because in one year from now i will be waiting for university to open :p It was a really nice summer - small actually in its lenght because i started in Augoust first my lessons! haha i know - poor kid!! But it was a really good summer..i was all day out with my friends and all night out for clubbing and dancing!! I can't tell enough for this summer for the reason that it was not a big summer for me and i don't have a lot to say about it! Just one thing: Summer with friends, is always a PERFECT SUMMER :)

I will really miss all those moments....party with my best friends, having everyday reahearsals, be together!! Those will be the best memories i will EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE and they will be always and forever in my mind :)

Photograph - Nickelback [one of my favorites]

"Every memory of walking out the front door, i found the photo of my friend that i was looking for...It's hard to say it, time to say it...Goodbye!"



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