Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey everyone :)

I know only 2 days since my last post but i really wanted to post something new!! Today was my birthday so i thank everyone of you for your wishes!! :) The idea of this post was actually came of some pictures i was looking on photobucket! I was searching for "autumn" pictures and in every pic i was watching i was thinking of how wonderfull serenity can be! Im not going to say a lot of things: i just wanted to feel with somebody right now and blog gives me that feeling...everytime i write i feel like i am connected with some friends :) Two days ago I was speaking for my paradise circus...where everything is out of ordinary...where i never know what to do or what to feel! This is a quite common post [and some of you might say why are you writting those things twice?] And my answer is that everytime i feel the need of being connected with someone...I decide to post something...whatever i feel at this time! Specifically today, i want to talk about the part where you are just forgoten! So tough..! and the whole scene is as follows: we must choose the path that we want, at a crossroad that separates it from simply choosing to do, depending on what you want and another way related to what the other want you to follow!
The third path is your choice to just move on straight and let the facts lead you to where you want ignorant about the future! And here there is another path, one that makes you uninvolved in all this is happening to you ... that you create the illusion that what you choose is one that will offer you the happiness of the person you have the greatest need ... that will make you fulfill all the wishes of another, and finally you will live in the illusion that this is true for the other to you! And when you realise what is happening and seek the simplest thing in the world...little attention...he considers it absurd ... and then what? You are just forgoten! Personally, i dont know what to do but the sure is that im not going to let things on their own!! This is the part i dont wan't to think of...the piece that I come face to face with myself! I hate this part right here...

I Hate This Part - Pussycad Dolls
[i love the video clip]

END :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010



Omg - it's been a long time since my last post!! And the reason is because im studying a lot [as you see im in the third grade of high school!] and unfortunately i have no time for blogging :( Anyway...October is finally here - and in two days is my birthday! - and autumn is here too!! There are soo many things that make me smile every time i think of autumn! :) It is the weather, the friends in school, the's everything!!! And that's why i decided to post this today! I just wanted to express the way i like autumn and moreover, the way i feel like, this last month. And starting from autumn, here are a few things i love doing or seeing in autumn!

- I love the way the trees are. Those brown colours always make me feel like home and feel warm :)
- THE RAIN!! Ohh I love dancing in the rain!!! Generally i love rain...smeel it, feel it everything! The best part of autumn and winter!
- I like the fact that some of my favorite tv-series get started [like Gossip Girl/Greys Anatomy/Glee e.t.c]
- I like the feeling of stayng at home and watching the weather from your window!
- My birthday!
- The walk i have in front of the sea every Sunday evening!
- Swimming while raining [or the weather is almost ready to rain]
- And the fact that in autumn you can combine swimming and sun with rain and warm clothes!

I had so much more i could say for autumn and so so so many more i want to write in the future on a post for the things i really love doing!

*PS: I also got something more: Another reason i love autumn is because autumn reminds me of my feelings every season. like autumn has sunshine and warm so I'm several times pleasant and likable and I feel myself perfectly with some people always I need and want to see. By contrast, the autumn weather is changing several times and it becomes cold, melancholic and quiet! so if you do not get the proper love and attention from people I need to be with, I convert into my own "autumn"! - As you can see my post is a little bit confusing this time and that's because I'm confused this time by all those things happening arround me! Lovegames, "stadygames", friendship, family, love [this is so confusing: am I in a crush or not :s?], then im important - and then not happy and then confused and then im more confused of what is going on this time - the first time i can't control some things becauses of the studying! And don't worry if you didn't understand anything of today's post! It's my fault because i had so much to writte this whole time and so much to many things to express that i couldn't get them into a raw!!
Live - Lie - Play - Love - Heaven - Hurt - Pain - Forgiveness - Extinction - Hoping - Trying -Winning!
This is actually my paradise circus!!! :)

What Goes Arroung Comes Arround - Justin Timberlake
[one of my favorite songs ever for its melody and its memories i get everytime i hear it!]

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
[perfect song]

Have A Nice Autumn Guys!