Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hallo dear bloggers!! :)

Its been a long time since my last post...and im really sad about that because it is not my fault - as you know i have already started my summer lessons! So im studying the whole day! But that's fine! I have already used to it. My secret is that everyday i say in myself "it is just one year and then i can relax"! But for some strange reason i like that journey! The experience of being a child and then a teenager, and now it will be gone in one year :) I don't think i am the only one having a journey that doesn't want to end! And todaythat's what i want to start from! Because we all have some experiences...! The sad part is that some of them are not good for us. We all have been addicted to something that is not good for can be a chocolate, a movie, a song, even more a person. Especially, when it comes to a person it's the hardest thing you can ever feel! You always feel trapped in your own your own emotions and feelings! Because we all know that the one we love most, always hurts us most! :\ It always comes a time that we have to choose whether to stay close to "our addiction", or to get away from him/her. And when that time comes we convince ourselves that we don't have a second option...we think that we can't get away from him! It's weird how we manage to pretend or better to delete from our minds the other options. Because we are afraid of losing something that makes us feel great even if it doesn't see us! We are hopping for a day that we will be the ones who have to relax..the ones who are not trying to prove anything to the other one, and just having the one we have been addicted to, by our side! We are searching clarity - peace - serenity!!! We see there is nothing that works out but we still stand there, waiting for this experience to end and go on with our lives! And by the time we are ready to move a ghost, like a magnet, like GRAVITY it keeps us to the ground, it holds us without touch, it keeps us without chains! He is on to us, and all over us, just like taking our breathe away...this person is our air!Is it love? No - im not sure actually. Whatever it is it is the strongest thing everyone can feel. Essentially, we sacrifice ourselves for this person! Love is the hardest and saddest feeling we can ever feel! You have to give your soul to get the attention and the love of the one you are intrested. When you do that, you feel acomplished! You fulfilling your actually feel someone or something special. The one you have given your life to, is returning it back to you. By the time your addiction becomes something real, and an interaction relationship, where both of you can "walk together to the same ground"...then it is the time you are free! The beggining of the ending of your journey...the longest and hardest one you had - life! Because life is full of journeys and experiences, with the most important the experience of love! When this one is done, then is the time you can rest. The time to find your clarity, your peace, your serenity! "The home you were searching your whole life to live in...the place where the stairs are leaning dusk until the dawn...where the windows are a breathing in the light...and the rooms are our lives collection..the place you don't feel alone and you can call home..where your gravity is not keeping you down...your serenity!"

That home - The Cinematic Orchestra!
[Danced by Lauren and Robert - So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 America]

Click it and watch it on Youtube - It worths it ;)

That home - The Cinematic Orchestra [The best melody i've heard!]

Gravity - Sara Bareilles!
[Danced by Kayla and Kupono - So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 America]

The best dance i've seen on my life! Breathetaking!



    kai to epiasa auto pou les oti meta apo kapoia fash arxises kai egrafes oti sou ebgaine, fainetai ;D maresei, idika ap th mesh k meta, kai sigoura to that home einai k episima ena apta agaphmena mou tragoudia :P ton prwto xoro katafera na ton dww, gamatoo! :)

    Tha kanw party shmera xD
    Euxaristw valassia mou :)
    Naii odws apo ekei kai meta me epiase o oistros ;p
    Kai oso gia ton deutero xoro ton diegrapsan sto facebook =.=

  3. WIIIII! :D party? goustarw file mou! xD tecpa tpt, nai re to 3erw afou mou to eipes allwste ;)