Sunday, July 25, 2010


So, here we are again day two! :)

08:12 - I can't even count the hours since my first post! Once again i have to say that having a blog is a REAL ADDICTION!! Never mind - so many headlines and themes across my mind right now - probably for the next posts. go further, this one is named " GOOD GIRLS/BOYS GO BAD". Been inspired from my way out to a club here in the island of Rhodes I really thought that this title would be perfect for that one!! Why good girls and boys go bad? Haven't you never asked yourself, why are we doing some spontaneous acts? Come on...that's way too easy. There is always a time we go "crazy" or bad! It is not supposed to be only on our ways out...and of course going bad doesn't mean you actually have to go evil! The only thing i am trying to describe is our reaction in some things that makes us go mad or do something that we usually don't do, because the only thing we want, is to forget something else, or we just want to have fun, even more we are doing it in order to find our LIMITS! And believe me it is always about limits...we drink alcohol because we can handle it..then when we think we are going to get overdosed...we decide wheather we want to stop drinking alcohol or wheather we want to continue. Those who continue may think that they will achieve their goals and drink more than the others..some others may want to drink more because they feel well with that! And some others are doing it because they are just having fun! But there are always those limits right? I mean - if there were no limits we would do what we wanted without having the desire of overcome the last time! We always try to achieve some goals and that goals are always our limits! We feel that by getting our limits over, we do something important. Well we might be right! I haven't thinked that yet...but what I'm sure for is that by getting over your limits you feel somehow free! Freedom is what we need! So this is the reason we actualy try to get through of our limits! But be careful...go through our limits in order to feel free is not always as good as we think! Doing madness is not freedom! But we really have to distinguish the substantial we feel real freedom when we are trying to go bad to get through our limits, or we just persuade ourself that we are free in order to go bad? ;)

Good girls [and boys why not?] go bad - Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester!

I'm going to tired after that bad going thing!!
10:02 - Have a nice day "bad" boys and girls! ;)


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