Sunday, March 20, 2011


Back again after a long time dear bloggers! :)

Simply ending...such a strong feeling! Everytime it happens, everytime something is going to end....either this is a food....either this is something different! Especially at those times you can't do it again...!! Those feelings that last only once! Like school...once in a lifetime!! Simple things and experiences. You start from the zero far as the time goes you keep on walking alone...then you meet other people called friends! Some of them will be a right decision and some of them not. However, you make some choices...important or not, and when the time has gone you find yourself standing confused on what you are....are you fulfilled or not?!? If the answer is - YES- then you realise that you made some huge mistakes! And you have experienced some of the biggest feelings...anger, happiness, love, sadness, madness, and many many more. You are just growning...stare at the world...leaving the life...the feeling of being a human...with its mistakes and goals! Dying slowly of happiness! Got drunk on experiences...falling slowly on life's meaning! And then the "graduation" of this journey. You start strong and end up with questions. Question on "Why am i not smiling that much?". But what about answers? And then you realise you are actually stronger...because you had survive of all these...i might exaggerate it but that's what i feel, my opinion. I just bear on mind those simple daily things...! And of course this "trip" lasts forever...i am just talking about the first part...growning up and realising things! Praying for time...more time..and then more and more and again from the beggining...knowing only that one thing you don't want to know....when it ends.....



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